Spring Week 5 Overview

UKLC Week 5 Schedule:

MnM vs BT Excel

BT Excel managed to secure first blood at the 35 second mark. Despite Excel having such a strong early start, MnM definitly held their own against this undefeated team. Fortunately for Excel, Send0o made a HUGE back-door play and single-handedly destroyed the nexus of MnM, walking away with the MVP award!

Demise vs Fnatic Rising

Fnatic started off strong here, props to Bravado for making this flashy hook play early on!

All hope was lost for Demise, as soon as Fnatic secured the baron buff, they stormed down mid and ended the game! Magifelix had a fantastic game, finishing 10/0/3 on the Cassiopeia.

Barrage vs NVision

Hopes were high for an epic game of League of Legends here, with the underdogs Barrage who’ve had an amazing season so far coming up against NVision, who on paper should be a top team.

Once again, Barrage simply were the better team and proved dominant in the team fights on the map. They took another win, making them 8-1 overall after round 9. Hadow won the MVP award here with a great performance on the Taric!

Enclave vs Phelan

After the picks and bans were locked in, we were eager to see how Dragane would play on the Ziggs, with it being proved to be a dominant champion in the UKLC so far. Early on, Dragane secured himself a triple kill to even out the gold for the side of Phelan.

In just 25 minutes, Phelan destroyed the nexus of Enclave… Enclave failed again to get themselves on the board.

Despite MnM’s efforts of making it a close game, Fnatic really came through in the mid game and showed how dominant they really are. They walked away with the win in just 25 minutes, with xMatty having a corker on Aphelios, finishing 13/0/3!

Round 10 Matches

Barrage vs MnM

Starting off round 10, we were hyped to see if Barrage could take another win here and guarantee themselves a top 3 finish. The first fight went down and Barrage managed to come out on top, however, the power of Mumus was strong and he proved superior in the 1v1s vs Flaresz and went huge in MnM’s team fights.

MnM went on to secure an ACE along with the baron buff, and took down Barrage in just 25 minutes! Mumus was clearly our MVP here, who had a monster game on the Aatrox.

Enclave vs NVision

Enclave went for an early invade in this game and managed to secure first blood in doing so. Prosfair, however, played the Rakan extremely well and helped NVision get off to a strong start with his perfectly timed knock ups!

Despite the back-and-forth game, NVision came out on top and destroyed the nexus of Enclave Gaming!

Phelan vs Fnatic Rising

This match was heavily favoured towards Fnatic Rising, but Phelan didn’t go down without a fight!

However, Fnatic’s mid game was too strong for Phelan and they took the win in dominating fashion.

Demise vs BT Excel

Can Excel make it to 10-0 in the UKLC? They have to get through Demise first! Demise came out with some crazy plays, including Kerberos winning 1v1s left right and centre and Demise’s jungler stealing the baron buff!

Despite Kerb having a MONSTER game on the Tryndamere, he couldn’t quite carry the game and Excel went on to win their 10th game in a row!

Here's the standings after week 5 of the UKLC! 

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