UKLC Week 6 in Review

And just like that, the UKLC 2021 spring regular season has concluded. Other than Resolve achieving a historical 14-0 unbeaten run, what else happened in Week 6? We look back at all the matches and see what’s to come for playoffs.

Day 1

MNM Academy vs Barrage Academy started off the day. The battle between the academies would be close until midlaner Tirex’s Azir completely turned the game around and helped his team secure the Baron. While Barrage would try their hardest, MNM proved too strong. MNM took the game and are 2-0 in a head-to-head with Barrage.

NVision vs Demise would be next with NVision really needing to find a win. Demise however, were not going down without a fight, and midlaner Pillar’s Irelia pick proved to be far too strong, ending the game at 7/1/4 as Demise took at the nexus at 24:48. This loss means that NVision could be locked into relegations if other results do not go their way.

The third game would be Enclave and London Esports. This game would prove to be the longest game of the UKLC. In terms of pressure and objectives, London most held the lead for long spells of the game, but they just could not end. After many, many attempts which tested our casters’ sanity, London finally went all-in. They took the fight, took the Nexus at 53 minutes and firmly secured second place for playoffs.

Resolve vs Bulldog rounded up Day 1 and they still continued on undefeated. This would be a slow game as Resolve patiently built up their lead. As the game got later, their patience was rewarded as Resolve won all the teamfights, finishing Day 1 13-0. Only one game left for a perfect regular season record.

Day 2

The first match of Day 2 saw NVision take on MNM. NVision really needed to win here to have a chance to avoid relegations, and despite Jungler Gaduniker hilariously dying to Krugs, NVision overcame an early deficit and took MNM head on. They won several crucial fights and went on to take the nexus. This meant that if Bulldog loses to London, NVision are safe due to a 2-0 head-to-head record against Bulldog.

Enclave and Barrage followed on with high stakes, since the team that wins secures third and playoffs. Enclave came in with a composition which both casters agreed was exceptionally strong and went in hard against Barrage. A big fight at Baron went south for Barrage as Enclave secured the Baron, secured Cloud Soul and secured third place by taking the nexus at 34 minutes.

For the third game between Resolve and Demise, there was very little on the line. But Resolve did not let loose and played calm and controlled. Try as Demise might, Resolve well, ‘resolved’ to not bend nor break and stormed their way through the reapers. They finished at 32 minutes and achieved a record breaking undefeated 14-0 spring season.

The final match of the UKLC regular season saw London take on Bulldog, with Bulldog needing to win or face relegation. Bulldog started off strongly and held London at bay. Unfortunately, London -as usual- clawed their way back into the game as the game got later, and Bulldog proved no match. London finished the season firmly in second while Bulldog now have to play in relegations.

Playoffs Preview

We finally come to the end of the UKLC 2021 spring regular season and perhaps surprisingly, we have no tiebreakers this time around. 

All four teams now are not just playing for a chance to win the UKLC, they are also playing for a spot in the upcoming Telia Masters, and a chance of fighting for promotion into the NLC.

London vs Enclave will be our first series. Both teams have been slowly building up momentum week after week and on paper, both look quite evenly matched, especially from their recent 53 minute-long match! Both teams have players that can carry matches if given the right tools, so this should be a close series. 

Resolve and MNM are next, with MNM clinching the last playoffs spot due to having a 2-0 head-to-head score against Barrage. Resolve no doubt come in as heavy favourites, already handing MNM the words ‘Defeat’ twice in the regular season. As MNM’s botlaner Harry said on broadcast, “We’ve been going back to basics”. Will it be enough to overcome Resolve?

At long last, the best four teams of the UKLC now duke it out! Who do you think will be our final 2 teams? Let us know on Twitter!

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