UKLC Week 5 in Review

One more week to go before the UKLC 2021 spring season concludes, so it’s only fitting that Week 5 was a superweek and with it, full of incredibly exciting matches. Let’s recap Week 5 and see what the final week holds.

Day 1

Kicking off Day 1: MNM Academy vs Bulldog Esport. MNM were looking to bounce back after last week’s bumpy week, but Bulldog came in ready to scrap. And scrap they did, outfighting MNM on many key occasions in the early to mid game. This snowballed the game out of control and Bulldog finished the game at 28 minutes.

The battle of first and second commenced next with Resolve taking on London Esports. Unfortunately there would be no upsets today as Resolve’s unbeatable form continued. Resolve moved as a coordinated unit and applied pressure everywhere and slowly but surely cornered London, eventually taking the win to continue unbeaten in spring.

NVision Esports vs Barrage Academy was the third game to follow, and this was a big brawl. Eventually Barrage started to get the upper hand with support Kd0 playing Wukong actually went legendary before 20 minutes! NVision’s woes continued as Barrage decisively closed out the game and tied for third place. 

Enclave vs Demise was the final game. Unfortunately for Demise, they once again could not bring their giant killing momentum -even with toplaner Rifty’s Darius pick- forth as Enclave ran them over. Jungler Cleanser once again had an incredible performance on Hecarim going 9/0/13 as Enclave closed out an all important dominant win.

Day 2

Resolve vs Barrage started off Day 2, with Barrage trying to topple Resolve with a slightly unconventional composition. Despite Barrage finding some excellent fights, they could not contest Resolve as the game got later. Resolve marched on to an undefeated 10-0 as they swept Barrage at 30 minutes.

London vs Demise was Game 2. It looked like Demise might claim another big win and they started off well. Even in the mid-game where London fought back, Demise held on and continued to contest them in teamfights. However, with Mountain Soul and a Baron secured at 30 minutes, London were firmly in control and took the game three minutes later.

The third match would be Enclave vs MNM, both teams winning here would be big for their standings. The game would start out back and forth till the mid-game where Enclave started turning fights in their favour. MNM’s poor run of form continued as Enclave’s winning ways continued, closing the game at 33 minutes.

The last match saw Bulldog vs NVision. NVision came in with a long losing streak, and while Bulldog would have loved to heap on more misery, it was NVision who came out victorious. New jungler Gaduniker looked more settled and as the game went on, botlaner Spark continuously farmed kills and ended with a whooping 14/0/2 score to break their six game losing streak.

Day 3

London vs MNM kicked off Day 3, and MNM were desperate to break their losing streak. Despite defeating London earlier in the season, MNM were unable to overcome a much more disciplined, organised London this time around who closed the game at 30 minutes. This loss puts MNM near the relegation zone with a five game losing streak.

Resolve vs NVision was next. This game was much slower, with only 3 kills between both teams at 20 minutes. Resolve’s small gold lead ballooned after they effectively countered an almost reckless engage by NVision, taking the Baron and not looking back thereafter. This takes Resolve to 12-0.

Game 3 would Enclave vs Bulldog. This would be another back and forth game, until a fight over the Mountain Soul swung the game to Enclave’s favour as they secured it. Enclave then continuously won the ensuing teamfights and finished the second superweek with three straight wins.

The final game of Week 5 would be Barrage vs Demise. Demise started off very well, and actually held a 5k gold lead at 27 minutes. But this would not hold, as Barrage aced them in the dragon pit after and secured Baron. Barrage then slowly turned the tide, and another teamfight win for them near the Baron pit got them the all important win, keeping their playoffs hopes alive.

Week 6 Preview

The final week -barring tiebreakers of course- of the UKLC 2021 spring season is upon us!

Resolve...well, they’re 12-0 and are on course for an undefeated regular season record. Can Bulldog or Demise stop them next week? Doesn’t seem likely but who knows! 

The three candidates after Week 5 for top 4 are London, Enclave and Barrage, with all three teams looking more settled as the season progressed. This will be put to the test with Enclave taking on both London and Barrage next week, while London takes on Bulldog and Barrage faces MNM. Who will be left standing?

MNM, Bulldog and NVision have not had good runs of form as of late, while Demise are firmly locked into relegations. Anyone at this point can go down, and as such, NVision vs MNM will be a very important match, as well as Bulldog’s matches against Resolve and London. Demise will look to play the party pooper but other than that, will be looking towards the relegation series.

The final week of the UKLC regular season approaches! Who are your final four playoffs teams? Let us know on Twitter!

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