Week 4 Overview

UKLC Week 4 Schedule:

Demise vs NVision

We did have clear favourites going into this match-up, purely because of the raw talent coming from the side of NVision. The game started pretty slow until the fight for the first infernal drake, which Noltey swooped in and stole from Demise.

Despite Demise being a strong team, they really struggled against NVision, and shortly after securing the cloud soul NVision destroyed the nexus of Demise with 27 kills to 7! Young gun Yusa put on a stellar show on the Senna, finishing 6/1/15 and walking away with our MVP award.

NVision vs Enclave Gaming

Our second match was NVision vs Enclave, NVision being slightly favoured in this due to Enclave not managing to get themselves on the board yet. We saw some strong plays coming from Enclave, particularly this team fight where Only Angel executed the Mordekaiser ultimate perfectly to aid the baron steal from Cleanser.

Despite their efforts, NVision were too strong and Yusa turned up when he needed to, securing a triple kill right at the end on the Senna. NVision stormed down to the nexus and ended the game once and for all! The MVP award went over to Adept for his insane Tristana gameplay in the mid-lane.

Fnatic Rising vs MnM

We look forward to any game coming from Fnatic, purely for the memes that float about Twitter just before…

MnM started off strong against the likes of Fnatic Rising, our hopes were high for a close game. MnM denied Fnatic’s early invade and turned everything around, securing first blood. Sof made a beautiful hero play in the mid lane to save his fellow teammate Chemera.

Despite MnM’s efforts of making it a close game, Fnatic really came through in the mid game and showed how dominant they really are. They walked away with the win in just 25 minutes, with xMatty having a corker on Aphelios, finishing 13/0/3!

BT Excel vs Phelan

Barrage are another strong contender within the league and are definitely ones to watch (we love a good underdog!). They had a good chance at keeping their win streak alive coming up against Enclave who haven’t managed to grab a win yet. Enclave fought hard for objectives, but Barrage’s fights were simply just better.

Barrage went on to secure the mountain soul which proved a challenge for Enclave, and along with the baron buff, Enclave’s chances grew slimmer and slimmer on securing their first win of the season. Barrage took the win quite convincingly in 32 minutes, with Syb0l grabbing his first MVP award of the season (and well deserved at that!).

Round 8 Matches

Enclave vs Fnatic Rising

Enclave had a mountain ahead of them coming into this match-up, playing against one of the best when they’re still on the hunt for their first win of the season. With Fnatic securing a double kill for first blood, we couldn’t hold our breath. Fnatic dominated in true fashion and ‘squashed’ Enclave with 27 kills to 7 in just 25 minutes (possibly the quickest game of the season so far?!).

Barrage vs Phelan

We’re loving how Barrage have been performing lately and how they’ve really come out on top since their last split. Coming up against Phelan, it’s safe to say we were confident that they’d bring their A-game… and we were right! Syb0l had another phenomenal game and made some serious outplays throughout.

After Khevo secured a quadra kill for himself around the drake pit, Barrage stormed down to Phelan’s base and destroyed their nexus. Propos to syb0l once again for securing 2 MVP awards this week and showing us he’s a key factor in Barrage’s dominance!

BT Excel vs NVision

Probably the game to watch this round with Excel being undefeated, and NVision being a good contender for a top spot in the league! Excel started off strong with securing first blood, but Noltey pulled some pretty sweet stunts out of the bag, winning the smite war on the ocean drake!

After some back and fourth fights, Excel had the edge and managed to finish week 4 undefeated! Can anyone stop these guys?!

MnM vs Demise

Our last game of week 4 was MnM taking on Demise. Demise are coming off a 2-0 week previously, so they should come into this game with some confidence. However, MnM showed us some pure class with their team fights and secured an ACE around the baron pit.

All in all, this was a pretty one sided game and MnM managed to take the win right from Demise, finishing with 17 kills to 4. Achuu played his role perfectly and finished 7/0/2 on the Miss Fortune.

Here's the standings after week 4 of the UKLC! 

Stay tuned to our Twitter for more updates throughout the season as the rest of the season unfolds!

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