UKLC Week 4 in Review

The first superweek of UKLC spring 2021 has concluded, and what a week it was! We still have two more weeks of the regular season left, so let’s dive in to recap Week 4 and preview Week 5.

Day 1

We start with Barrage Academy vs Enclave, both teams at 2-4. Enclave held the lead after several early fights went their way, but Barrage’s decisiveness allowed them to get the Ocean Soul and hold on. Their patience and resilience paid off, as two huge teamfights over Elder Dragon swung their way as Barrage ended at 36 minutes.

Bulldog Esports vs London Esports was up next, and gone were the slow, controlled team we’re used to seeing. London displayed no mercy from start to finish and foiled Bulldog at every turn, constantly forcing Bulldog to confront them as they took kill after kill. Eventually London grouped, took another good fight and closed one of the fastest games of UKLC spring at 24 minutes.

Resolve vs Demise rolled around next, Demise hoping to carry on momentum from their first win last week. Unfortunately, Resolve proved why they are currently undefeated as they slowly but surely controlled the game. Jungler Sof’s Hecarim continuously picked up kills and became a menace later on, as Resolve continued on undefeated.

The final game of Day 1: MNM Academy vs NVision Esports. MNM have been in fine form recently and it looks like it will continue, as they dominated NVision. NVision had some fine chances in many teamfights, but MNM always pulled through. The final fight came as MNM caught NVision trying to sneak a Mountain Drake and sealed their spot in second at 5-2.

Day 2

Bulldog vs Demise started Day 2. Demise started off well but when the game started shifting towards teamfights, Bulldog truly came alive and continuously swept Demise aside. Toplaner Hachi got his hands on Aatrox once more and showed why it’s a must ban against him. With this win, Bulldog have broken their four game losing streak.

Barrage vs London followed suit, with London looking in fine form recently. Their winning ways would continue as London were the dominant team from start to finish, and there was little Barrage could do. Botlaner Den Voskne was the standout player with a score of 10/0/3 on Kai’Sa when London ended the game at 30 minutes.

For our third match we saw Enclave take on NVision. NVision have been looking very shaky in recent weeks and Enclave capitalised hard. Enclave’s early game was impeccable and they completely dominated their opponents. Despite some blips in the mid-game, Enclave secured Baron and closed the match out at 28 minutes.

The final match of the day? First placed Resolve vs second placed MNM. MNM came in ready to take revenge and play their scrappy style. However, Resolve came in fully prepared to match them blow for blow. Resolve continuously punished MNM. Resolve continued their unbeaten run, ending the game at 34 minutes with 30 kills.

Day 3

Bulldog vs Barrage was the first game to start off the last day of Week 4. Despite Bulldog breaking their recent losing streak and Hachi once again getting his Aatrox, Barrage started aggressively from the start and refused to let Bulldog back into the game. Barrage then carefully protected their lead and finally won at 32 minutes.

Game 2 would be Enclave vs Resolve. Resolve as we’ve come to expect from them, played like it was business as usual. While the game was slower and less bloody compared to the MNM one, it was no less convincing. Once Resolve got going they never stopped, closing the game out in a quick 24 minutes.

The third match was Demise vs MNM. Demise played like they had nothing to lose, and matched MNM’s typically scrappy playstyle. While it looked like MNM might have gotten the upper hand, Demise started gaining momentum by continuously punishing MNM’s overaggression and sealed another important upset win under their belt.

The final match of Week 4: London vs NVision. London’s fiery form continued while piling more woe upon NVision, who have been winless in recent times. Like their game against Bulldog, London were ruthless and gave NVision no room to breathe, as botlaner DenVoksne’s had another great performance and ended the game with a Quadrakill.

Week 5 Preview

Superweek one down, onward to superweek number two! 

Resolve, you know them very well by now: Undefeated and undisputed, they rule the roost convincingly. The interesting candidate is second placed London, who have been getting stronger with each game. They face Resolve next week, can they topple the titans?

MNM in contrast have had a rough week and they face a stern test in Bulldog, Enclave and London. At 4-5, both Barrage and Bulldog could easily overtake MNM should anything go awry. Both have tough schedules, Bulldog facing MNM and Barrage face Resolve.

Lastly, Enclave and perhaps surprisingly NVision are tied at 3-6 will be looking for big scalps from superweek. NVision especially, as they face Resolve, Barrage and Bulldog. Meanwhile, Demise are starting to look on form. Will we see the reapers undertake a miracle run to playoffs?

Another superweek is upon us! Which teams do you think will shift the standings before Week 6? Let us know on Twitter!

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