UKLC Week 3 in Review

Week 3 of the UKLC was another exciting installment if you paid attention to the energy of casters Hiprain and Jamada! Let’s look through what went down this week and see what’s on the horizon for Week 4.

Day 1

Arguably the biggest game of the day kicked off Day 1 with Resolve (still undefeated) vs NVision Esports (defending champs). They were mostly even in until 21 minutes where a long fight from top-lane gave Resolve the edge. Resolve kept pressuring and the game looked to be theirs...except dying in front of an open Nexus. Again. But once more they picked themselves up and eventually took the win.

(MNM Acadmy/London Esports not fully broadcasted due to technical difficulties, but MNM Gaming won off-screen)

Enclave vs Bulldog Esports was next and this game was as caster Hiprain puts it, a ‘jungle kingdom’. Enclave jungler Cleanser completely took over the jungler as Udyr, even ‘flame horizon-ing’ Moller on Hecarim. Enclave’s team as a whole were also extraordinarily ahead, and this combined momentum allowed Enclave to win at 30 minutes in a near perfect game.

The last game of the day featured Barrage Academy vs Demise, and also perhaps Barrage’s most dominant win to date. From start to finish Barrage, well…’barraged’ Demise and gave them no respite. Despite having several chances to end, Barrage played cautiously and finally found the opening they needed to close the game at 32:21.

Day 2

Day 2 began with London vs Enclave. Enclave comes off their dominant win due to Cleanser’s Udyr, so predictably that was banned. London played their usual controlled game and slowly took objectives from Enclave. Enclave tried to prevent the Cloud Soul going over but London took the fight, claimed the soul, took the Baron after and closed decisively. A 1-1 week for both teams.

The second game was on paper, what looked like a severe mismatch: NVision vs Demise. Many expected NVision to make short work of them, but Demise came in swinging. Despite NVision stabilising the gold, Demise found a crucial engagement and proceeded to take the Baron before claiming their first victory of spring.

The battle of the academies between Barrage and MNM came up next. Deemed as one of the best teamfighting teams in the UKLC by casters Hiprain and Jamada, MNM showed why as they continuously found skirmishes and teamfights in the mid-game going their way. Despite Barage’s tenacity, MNM proved too strong and secured a 2-0 week.

Resolve and Bulldog was the last match, and Bulldog could potentially ruin Resolve’s win-streak. Unfortunately, that would not be the case. Bulldog had a small advantage early in the game, but once Resolve got going they never stopped. After taking Baron, Resolve went all in and finished the game in a dominating 26 minutes.

Week 4 Preview

With the first half of spring finished, the next two weeks will be a grueling test for all involved as Week 4 & 5 are superweeks (three match days). 

Resolve are the top dogs and might remain as such since they face both Enclave and Demise next week, but on Day 2 they square off against MNM, who has been looking in fine form recently. Demise could be a banana peel for Resolve if they played like they did against Barrage. 

MNM leads in second place by a single game, so London, NVision and Bulldog who are at 3-3 could easily overtake them. They face NVision, Resolve and Demise, any one of these teams could halt their streak. 

NVision, London and Bulldog too have at least one game against the other, while Barrage and Enclave too could rise up and claim the top spots if next week goes well for them. With Demise potentially on the up, we could see another close standings like last season between seven teams. Who will rise up?

Week 4 beckons. Which teams do you think could pull off big upsets in the superweek? Let us know on Twitter!

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