Week 2 Overview

Kicking off with week 2 of the UKLC, we were in for some exciting matches. Take a look at the schedule below!

Barrage vs MnM Gaming UK

First up, we had a battle of two long standing british organisations, Barrage and MnM! Barrage was slightly favoured going into this game, and we were right in saying so. The two carries for Barrage, Erixen and Kehvo, really turned up this game and lead their team to victory. Barrage won in just under 30 minutes, with almost a 10k gold lead! Kehvo walked away with the MVP award for this game, with a KDA of 7/1/2 on the Aphelios.

NVision vs Enclave Gaming

Our second match was NVision vs Enclave, NVision being slightly favoured in this due to Enclave not managing to get themselves on the board yet. We saw some strong plays coming from Enclave, particularly this team fight where Only Angel executed the Mordekaiser ultimate perfectly to aid the baron steal from Cleanser.

Despite their efforts, NVision were too strong and Yusa turned up when he needed to, securing a triple kill right at the end on the Senna. NVision stormed down to the nexus and ended the game once and for all! The MVP award went over to Adept for his insane Tristana gameplay in the mid-lane.

FNATIC Rising vs Phelan Gaming

Despite Phelan having a strong line up, we’d be surprised if they could have defeated FNATIC Rising here. In just 30 minutes, FNATIC stomped through the game, taking the win with 16 kills to 3. The bot lane and mid of FNATIC were simply too much for Phelan, and xMatty took home the MVP award for his flawless performance on Miss Fortune.

Demise vs BT Excel

Another game similar to the previous one where it was quite one-sided. We knew coming into this that Demise would have a hard road ahead versus the likes of BT Excel, one of the UK’s best. Demise was securing kills throughout, and we liked the Syndra pick coming from Dragdar to shake things up, but Excels team play was superior, and they took the game convincingly with 21 to 10 kills. The MVP award for this game went to Deadly, for a crazy performance on Riot’s new champion, Aphelios.

Round 4 Matches

Coming in to round 4, we couldn’t hold back our excitement for the final game of the day, FNATIC Rising vs Excel, and to see if Demise could take down Barrage and secure their first win of the season!

Phelan vs NVision

NVision showcased pure dominance throughout their match vs Phelan. Adept was executing some crazy Irelia mechanics, securing kills all over the place! This was one of our favourites:

After NVision secured the Elder Soul, all hope was lost on the side of Phelan and NVision went on to take the game with ease.

Barrage vs Demise

Barrage have started to get a name for themselves as being a huge underdog of the league, being at the top alongside BT Excel. Demise on the other hand has yet to secure a win. Yet again, Barrage put on another great performance and took another convincing win, with 15 kills to 6. Our MVP of the game went to Hadow, for making some pretty snazzy saves and engaged throughout the game on the Braum!

Enclave vs MnM Gaming

This was a crazy game coming from the side of MnM. We were unsure as to who was going to take this one, but after the first 10 minutes, it was all MnM. Sof was on fire this game and made some insane Lee Sin insecs, aiding to win most of the fights for MnM.

FNATIC Rising vs Excel

Well well well… The game we’ve all been waiting for! The two best teams on paper in the league, who will be able to say they’re the best in the league from this point forward? It started off rather slow with both teams playing quite safe, but as soon as the fights began, Excel just simply had the edge. Deadly once again put on a great showing on the Miss Fortune and helped lead Excel to victory, destroying the nexus of FNATIC Rising in under 30 minutes!

After this crazy week, here’s what the standings look like. Barrage remain joint at the top with Excel, with FNATIC Rising closely on their tail. We hope to see Demise and Enclave get their first win in the following week!

Stay tuned to our Twitter for more updates throughout the season as the rest of the season unfolds!

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