UKLC Week 2 in Review

Week 2 of the UKLC offered another round of exciting moments from the teams involved. Let’s take a look back to see what unfolded before we head into Week 3! 

Day 1

We roll the day off with Demise vs Enclave. Demise entrusted toplaner Rifty to carry the game and constantly targeted OnlyAngel. It was a miserable game for the Malphite, who only acquired 19 CS at 9:33. But as the game shifted towards fights around objectives, Enclave started to turn the tide and at 33 minutes closed the game out.

Resolve vs London Esports was up next. This match was much slower and controlled, with First Blood only registering at 16 minutes in. Resolve took their time and played methodically, taking dragon soul and subsequent objectives over taking big fights. Eventually Resolve became too strong and London could no longer contest, 3-0 to Resolve.

Game 3 featured the battle of the north with NVision Esports taking on Barrage Academy. A surprise awaited NVision who wished to remain undefeated as Barrage started off strong, but it was an extended fight over the third drake which swung the game firmly in their favour. They never let go after that and decisively closed the game at 28:33 and ending midlaner Thomas Goh’s 19 game losing streak.

The final match of Day 1 was Bulldog vs MNM Academy. Bulldog were coming in hot from Week 1 and MNM wouldn’t be the one to pour cold water over it, despite holding a gold and kill lead for more than 20 minutes. However, a failed turret dive at 26 minutes cost MNM dearly as Bulldog won the fight, took the Baron and took the win four minutes later. 

Day 2

We began the day with London Esports and Demise, with Demise desperate for a win. It would look like a simple London win since they led the game with 5k at 15 minutes but Demise refused to yield and stalled the game out to more than 40 minutes. Eventually, London’s persistence paid off and won the game after a big fight in Demise’s base. This moves them to 2-2.

Bulldog Esport vs NVision Esports was next and Bulldog could extend their undefeated streak should they prevail. But NVision had other ideas. NVision found an opening during a fight over the Infernal Drake and snowballed from there. With the Baron buff, their 1-3-1 composition came to life. After NVision won a crucial teamfight over Infernal Soul, they closed the game and ended Bulldog’s unbeaten run.

For the third match we had Resolve taking on Barrage Academy. Resolve looked to extend their winning ways and even though Barrage had some early kills, Resolve’s macro game and teamfighting proved superior. Resolve once more got aced in front of an open Nexus, but eventually they regrouped up and finished the game to go 4-0.

And in the last match, Enclave took on MNM Academy. Unfortunately for Enclave, MNM came in all guns blazing and led from start to finish. With an early Ocean Soul in the cards, MNM continued to apply pressure everywhere and never looked back. They finished Week 2 at 2-2, with midlaner Tirex’s Pantheon going 11/1/13.

Week 3 Preview

Last season the UKLC saw 4 teams tied at 3-1 going into Week 3, but this time we have a clear frontrunner in Resolve who are undefeated while NVision and Bulldog sit at 3-1. Week 3 will be a monumental test for all three teams then, as Resolve face both NVision and Bulldog. Will they be able to remain undefeated?

The rest of the pack might have a chance to climb since the top dogs are scrapping it out, with London and MNM sitting at 2-2. They also face each other on Day 1 so that is a big moment for both teams as well. Barrage and Enclave have a lot more work to do, but it is Demise who need to pick wins up urgently. They face Barrage and NVision next, will we see them put their first win on the board?

Week 3 will be a stern test for many teams! Will Resolve remain on top? Let us know on Twitter!

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