Week 1 Overview and Recap

The UKLC is back and better than ever - Some familiar faces return and a spot of new talent face off against each other on the rift.

Fnatic Rising vs Enclave Gaming

What a way to start of Week 1 other than with last season’s champions: Fnatic Rising. They faced off against Enclave, a familiar team to the UKLC. Enclave showed signs of early dominance, however, it quickly went down hill and Fnatic Rising really showed why they’re one of the best - if not the best UKLC teams and took the win in under 23 minutes. YIKES.

Phelan vs Barrage

We were in for some thrilling gameplay with this match-up. Phelan were looking strong in the early-game, but Barrage turned it up a gear and went full sail after Erixen secured this insane triple kill for the team.

Condolences to ‘Quinncidence’ who ALMOST did it all for Dusty LoL, the feels were really with us when watching this attempt to end it once and for all! 

Erixen was a clear MVP in this match-up… Not only was he killing everything that stood in his way, but he also managed to secure a Baron steal from right under Phelans nose on the LeBlanc.

After this, Barrage went on to destroy the nexus of Phlean convincingly.

BT Excel vs NVision

2 top tier teams here, a new team composed of familiar players to the UKLC, along with one of the UK’s best, Excel.  We knew we were in for a long game here - A case of mistakes being punished rather than all out brawls! After some heavy back and forth for 40 minutes, Excel managed to secure the win, but this was definitely one of the closest games we’d seen!

MnM vs Demise

A brilliant match to conclude Day 1 of the UKLC - Both familiar teams within the league, MnM vs Demise. MnM had definitely eaten their weetabix before this as they really turned up in this match. It all started from this heoric steal, coming from Sof, the jungler for MnM:

Despite Demise managing to secure the Elder Soul, a great engage coming from Chemera helped MnM on their way to destroy the nexus of Demise!

BT Excel vs MnMGaming

MnM started off strong here, with a beautiful outplay coming from Mumus in the top lane.

It didn’t hold on too long however as Excel turned it up a notch and stormed through the rest of the game, securing themselves another win in the first week of the UKLC.

Demise vs FNATIC Rising

Despite FNATIC Rising being the heavy favourites here, we were impressed by this outplay coming from Zoir, the top-laner for Demise.

Demise fought hard but couldn’t compete with the likes of Matty, Excel took the game 26-6 kills in just 29 minutes.

Barrage vs Nvision

One thing we were excited to see after the picks and bans in this matchup was the Blitz pick… Who doesn’t love to see those Blitz plays? 

Despite having the Blitz in the botlane, Barrage countered it well and secured first blood, giving them an early lead.

We HAVE to mention this play coming from Flaresz, he won an almost impossible 1v2, but maybe that’s just Riven for you! Shortly after, Barrage secured the win vs Nvision, leaving them 2-0 in the first week of the UKLC.

Enclave vs Phelan

Both coming off painful losses in the day previous, we were excited to see a strong game coming from both sides. However, Phelan came out on top and dominated the likes of Enclave, 18 kills to 5, in under 30 minutes!

Stay tuned to our Twitter for more updates throughout the season as the rest of the season unfolds!

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