Summer 2020 MVP and interview

The conclusion to every UKLC split is always bittersweet, knowing you have to wait for a few months before one can spectate Britannia’s finest strut their stuff again. But the real headache usually arrives in the form of needing to choose one player, among a pool filled with excellence, as the MVP of the season. Especially from arguably the closest and most competitive season in the history of the UKLC. 

Luckily, we have three experts in the form of our UKLC casters who have seen, analysed and narrowed down the many candidates available. Here are their thoughts on the MVP of the season and why.

Excoundrel's pick: Alexx (NVision Esports)

I think you could make a case for a lot of players on NVision for this, but none more so than Alexx. He was the most consistent player, even during the mid-season wobble that NVsion went through. Alexx also facilitated BB Muffin really well and made the mid + jungle combo a real threat in the UKLC. I feel like Alexx was the most complete and influential jungler in the UKLC this split.

He showed a real diversity in his champion pool, a keen eye for early game plays and some clutch late-game team fighting.

Hiprain's pick: BB Muffin (Nvision Esports)

I was very torn on who to vote for here, and if you’d asked me who is the MVP during the regular season I doubt it would have been BB. Throughout the tournament we ran the same storylines about BB Muffin: Strong when and ahead; lackluster when behind. It boiled down to inconsistent performances and a small champion pool, but bloody hell when he got his Orianna or Zoe, BB Muffin was a beast

I was sold on him during playoffs where he really came into his own, pairing up well with Alexx for steller jungle + mid synergy, and in the finals he really put the games in his hands.

The growth of BB Muffin in the Summer Season has been great to watch and he's still young, so there is a lot of room for growth for this promising midlaner.

Aux's pick: Alexx (NVision Esports)

I felt like Jungle was a really stacked position coming into this season, and I expected Alexx to potentially get lost in the mix, but he managed to emerge on top.

Olaf became a permanent ban against him due to his proficiency with that champion, but that wouldn’t stop him from wreaking havoc all the way to the finals and help NVision find their win. I’m really keen to see what he does next, as I honestly feel that with the right guidance we could see him developing well on an NLC roster in 2021.

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Alexx was a massive driving force for his team, able to find early pressure and often translated it into a strong teamfighting presence in the mid to late game.

And the judges have decided...

The MVP of the UKLC Summer Season 2020 is NVision Esports’ jungler Alexx! Hailing from Simrishamn, Sweden, no one really knew what to expect from him due to this being his first official competitive appearance. Even when NVision’s time on the Rift looked bleak, Alexx was always that one bright spot, and towards the end NVision stormed through their opposition to take the UKLC crown.

Now that he’s conquered the UKLC, what’s next for Alexx? We find out with an interview with the man himself. 

Interview transcript with Alexx

Congratulations Alexx! You have been selected by our panel of experts as our UKLC MVP of summer 2020! How do you feel about receiving this award?

Alexx: It feels amazing! I honestly didn't think I was going to get it but I'm really happy I did.

So before we begin I’d like to ask: If you had to insta-lock one champion in the jungle no questions asked, which champion would it be?

Alexx: Sett all day everyday. No questions asked!

Good lord, time to ban Sett! It’s safe to say NVision Esports was an outlier to win the UKLC from the start of the split, considering this was the first competitive season for yourself and toplaner Efan "Efan" Haynes. Tell us a little bit on how NVision Esports was put together as a roster?

Alexx: NVision’s tryouts were where players of most ranks and those with or without competitive experience were allowed to participate, and this allowed me and some others who didn't look as good on paper to show just how capable we were. 

For example, at the time Munster Rugby Gaming Academy’s jungler Will “noname” Jones was 200 LP higher than me in solo queue, and we faced off against each other in the trials but I managed to come out on top.

How does it feel to win the UKLC in your first season with the team and was this always within your expectations despite a rocky start?

Alexx: At first, I admit I came in with the mindset to just play for fun and to see how I compared against the other junglers in the league. But then I started to noticed pretty quickly that I was in a league above most of them, and believed that we could definitely win the season, even though our starting point wasn't the most optimal.

You mentioned you realised quickly that you guys could win the league but this UKLC is arguably the most competitive split thus far. What did you personally think of the level of competition of the UKLC and how mad was it towards the end of the regular season?

Alexx: I think there are a lot of promising players in the league which made it very competitive, but at the same time every team had some form of weakness you could abuse, and that’s why no team managed to run away with the league. 

It was really fun to play the matches as many teams had such even scores. It made all the games interesting and important to win! I'm sure for the spectators and fans alike, this was a very enjoyable viewing experience.

In your opinion, what was the key to NVision’s success?

Alexx: I think the key was us realising that we needed to play our best comfort champions, even though some of them were not exactly meta picks, and then sticking to a game plan that worked with the compositions we drafted.

Conversely, what were the biggest challenges and obstacles for this new team throughout the season?

Alexx: We did initially struggle in agreeing on what was the ‘right play’ in any given situation, which led to split calls in-game on occasion. This later on to some arguments outside of the game. But at the end of the day, we all had the same goal so we worked around it and stuck together as a team.

Including no more than two players from NVison Esports, what would your UKLC all-pro team look like?


Toplane : Ashley "Rifty" Mayes (Demise)

Jungle : Myself

Midlane : Ronan "Chemera" Stewart (London Esports)

Botlaner: Haseeb "BlueSpirits" Rasool (Munster Rugby Gaming Academy)

Support : Alf-Kristian "Nash" Sund (NVision Esports)

Moving on to the Telia Masters, both NVision Esports and Munster Rugby Gaming Academy, unfortunately, did not have the most stellar of results. Was the level of play very different from the UKLC or was it something else?

Alexx: The level of play wasn't particularly different, I think it was more on both us and Munster not getting any rest in between tournaments, which led to very tired and unmotivated players (myself included). We also scrimmed against some of the better teams from the tournament beforehand like UniQ Esports Club, and we always managed to beat them.

Assuming COVID is gone and scheduling was more lenient, do you think the UKLC teams can match the best from the Telia Nordic series?

Alexx: Definitely. I think the other teams should be very happy about the scheduling, otherwise, they wouldn't stand a chance! 

What does the future look like for you now that the offseason has begun? Do you guys plan to stick together for spring?

Alexx: At the moment I think most of the team are just resting. Regarding the next season, I sadly don't think all members will stay in the team as getting an offer from a bigger league is hard to turn down. If somehow NVision manages to keep the same team however, I'm sure we would win the UKLC once again but this time in a much more dominant way.

Finally, before we end, as a relatively unknown player who's now the UKLC MVP, where do you go from here? What are your personal goals as a player?

Alexx: I would like to go as high as possible but I've also realised it's very hard to find other teams, as you need many contacts to get in touch with bigger organisations. I would love to try my luck in NLC or the Prime League for example if I was given the chance, and then I would work my way upwards from there.

Anything else you’d like to say to the fans and spectators?

Alexx: I would like to thank all fans and spectators for the constant support and cheering in the chat! I would also like to shout out my fellow friends from Simrishamn who always cheered me on and kept me motivated. See you guys next season, be it in UKLC or a different league!

See you next year

As we enter the offseason we hope to see all of you again in Spring 2021. Keep an eye out for details on the UKLC for next year. Until we meet again on Summoner’s Rift!

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