UKLC Spring Split Available on BBC

UKLC Spring Split Available on BBC

After a successful Summer of 2020, the partnership between UKLC and BBC has been extended for the spring of 2021. UK League of Legends fans will be able to watch the full split on the BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport Online starting tomorrow with the pre-show at 5:45 pm GMT. 

To check out the broadcast for the first week of play, follow the links above to go straight to the live feed. 

UKLC Week 1 Day 1

18:00 GMT Bulldog Esports vs Demise

19:00 GMT Enclave vs NVision

20:00 GMT MNM Academy vs Resolve

21:00 GMT London Esports vs Barrage Academy

UKLC Week 1 Day 2 

18:00 GMT Resolve vs Enclave

19:00 GMT Barrage Academy vs Bulldog Esports

20:00 GMT Demise vs MNM Academy

21:00 GMT NVision vs London Esports

To find out more about BBC Sport, head over to for the latest content and news. For more updates on the UKLC and the latest results, make sure to follow @NLClol on Twitter. 

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