UKLC Returns with its Summer Split

Summer is soon upon us and with that the UKLC returns for another split where the best teams from the UK and Ireland compete for the championship title and the chance for promotion through Telia Masters!

During the Spring split we witnessed an impressive 14-0 record for the regular season from Resolve that resulted in an intense final series with London Esports really showing their strength as a team. In a few weeks it is time to saddle up again and play in the UKLC Summer split! 

The roster lock for UKLC is scheduled to take place on May 26th 21:00 BST where teams are required to submit their rosters. One change coming for this Summer is that teams are required to have 2 LTR players compared to this spring’s 3. This is so UKLC follows suit with the rest of the regional leagues playing in the Telia Masters later in the summer. 

The regular season is scheduled to start on June 6th with playoffs starting on July 25th and grand finals on July 26th. In turn the relegation series are scheduled to take place between August 30th to September 6th. These dates may be changed based on other potential changes in the regional calendar that impacts the UKLC. 

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