UKLC Relegations Preview

With the sad end of the NLC and UKLC’s Spring Seasons approaching, we still have one more tournament left in the bag: The UKLC 2021 spring relegations.

UKLC Teams


Demise had a difficult season, to say the least. While they certainly did not come in with the expectations of winning the season, them finishing the UKLC with only three wins is certainly a disappointment, considering they made top 4 last summer.

They’ve had glimpses of brilliance in the games they’ve won, such as their two wins against NVision Esports and their huge upset over MNM Academy. Caster Jamada has praised rookie botlaner Xandru very highly as well, so this team has the tools to at least defend their UKLC spot.

Against the champions of the UKEL in Lucent Gaming, Demise should have their signature scythes ready to show why you should still fear the reapers! 

“We have had a really tough season throughout this UKLC split and have struggled behind the scenes. We have made the decision to move Number 99 (Fabi) to Head Coach and have him bring in his own staff, and we are very excited to move forward and show we do deserve to remain in the UKLC. A lot of people are rooting for us to go down so I am keen to disappoint them when we show just what our team is made of and fight through relegations back to where we belong!

All the teams involved in relegations are filled with great players and staff and I think a lot will come down to who shows up on the day. Will we see early season Bulldogs or late season Bulldog? Will it be Grand Final’s Lucent or Losers Finals Lucent? The same with us: Will we finally put into practice what I have seen in scrims? It’s going be a really tough few days and I doubt I will be sleeping that much.” - Joe Millbank, Demise General Manager

Bulldog Esports

Bulldog had a bright start to their life in the UKLC this spring, going 3-1 and tied in second place by Week 2. Compared to their 0-14 season last summer, this was a massive improvement. Unfortunately for Bulldog, this would not last.

They were plagued with inconsistent form thereafter, ending the Week 4 & 5 superweeks with only two wins and four losses. Their last two losses in Week 6 placed them tied with NVision Esports’ score of 5-9, but due to head-to-head records, Bulldog sadly have to face relegations once more.

As a team they’ve shown great resilience and they have surprised many with their tenacity (as their namesake). Despite being in a familiar position, their situation is very different. Will we Bulldog rise up to the challenge once more?

“It's been a wild season for us at Bulldogs. We had built the roster with the intent of promoting up to the UKLC from the UKEL and then ended up flying through the first few games, but we struggled to keep momentum throughout the rest of the season and ended in a disappointing position.

Looking towards the relegation tournament, on paper, we shouldn't have an issue dealing with any of the teams there. To be honest, I didn't watch a lot of UKEL so I'm going off knowledge from other players, but by the sounds of it, the first round vs Viperio shouldn't be an issue. Lucent should put up more of a fight than Demise but I don't see us going out vs either of them.

I've been around a while in the UK scene and Bulldogs is arguably the best org I've played for, and we are intent on winning this not just for ourselves but for Newts and Pivotless too. #BulldogFamily” - Shiklin, Bulldog Esports midlaner

UKEL Teams

Lucent Esports

Lucent have been one of the bigger surprises in the UKEL this season and continue onto the relegations series with incredible momentum. Formerly Hyve Central who shut their operations down, Lucent came in and took the roster onboard before winning the title.

Lucent established themselves as the third best team in the regular season with a 7-5 record after a very fierce battle between many teams in the middle. While they lost 2-1 to Viperio in the first round, Lucent would then make a Lower Bracket run to finals and defeat heavy favourites Demise Academy in a thrilling 3-2 series.

They now have the chance to take this underdog story all the way to the UKLC, but for that they have to face Demise. They’ve knocked their academy team out, and Lucent will be looking to do the same with their main team too.

“We have been working our way through the season, trying to shake off our bad early start and with a few changes and additions. I feel like we have come leaps and bounds as a team, as is reflected in our first place finish in the UKEL. I couldn’t be prouder of the players and staff for the way they have bounced back and they deserve all the praise they get.

In terms of looking forward to the promotional tournament, we are excited to play Demise and show that we can compete with these long standing UKLC orgs, as we believe we have what it takes to bring some new blood into the UKLC. We have massive respect for Demise and we are going to try and give them a series to remember. We are looking forward to seeing what Demise can bring out.” - Rydona, Lucent Esports Team Manager


Viperio is a name that should be familiar to those who have been around the UK and have been consistently participating in the UKEL for a number of seasons now. Viperio were also one step away from promoting into the UKLC 2020 summer but were knocked out by Bulldog 2-1.

This season, they’re out for revenge. Viperio have been looking strong, being the second best team in the UKEL’s regular season (only below Demise Academy) and getting third in playoffs, narrowly losing to champions Lucent 2-1.

Now they have the chance to avenge their loss against Bulldog Esports as they face them once again with a UKLC spot on the line. Will they finally succeed this time around?

“I am exceptionally proud of the performance delivered by our League of Legends roster this Spring Season. Our team managed to bounce back from two losses in Week 1, to finish 10-2 in our remaining regular season games. We managed to defeat all teams within the UKEL at least once this season, showing that we have a roster capable of beating anyone at this level.

Our starting roster, reserve players and staff structure have demonstrated great collaboration to deliver a competitive result, which has ultimately earned us another opportunity to try and promote into the UKLC.

I am especially excited to play Bulldog in the qualification tournament. They stopped us from promoting in Summer 2020, defeating us 2-1 in the Qualifying Tournament. It would be great to redeem ourselves with a victory this time around.” - Christopher Sword, Viperio Found & Managing Director

The relegation series begins tonight at 18:00 BST starting with Bulldog vs Viperio until April 1st. For more info, follow us on Twitter!

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