UKLC Playoffs & UKLC Relegation Series

As the NLC was introduced in the spring of 2020, the teams in the UKLC now have a higher division to compete in. From the NLC, teams get the chance to compete in the European Masters which is as close as you can get to the LEC!

UKLC Playoffs

At the end of each split starting with Summer 2020, the top 2 teams from the UKLC playoffs will be competing for a chance to reach the NLC. The playoffs of UKLC Summer 2020 will be taking place over two days, August 2nd and August 3rd, and feature the four best teams of the split. The semifinals will be best of three matches and the grand finals best of five matches.

Playoffs Schedule
August 2nd

16:00 BST: Semifinal 1 - First Place Team vs Fourth Place Team

18:30 BST: Semifinal 2 - Second Place Team vs Third Place Team

August 3rd

18:00 BST: Grand Finals UKLC Summer 

On Tuesday August 4th the Group Stage for the Telia Esports Series Masters begins that spans over a four day period until August 7th. The top 4 teams from the pre-qualifier will reach the Telia Esports Series Masters Playoffs that begin on August 8th and complete on August 9th. 

The two top teams from the Telia Esports Series Masters will then in turn face off against the bottom two teams from the NLC on August 11tth and 12th for their chance to be promoted into the NLC. 

The teams of the Telia Esports Series Masters. 

The Telia Esports Series Masters consists of the top two teams from each of the regional competitions being:

  • UKLC Presented by Barclays
  • TES Finland
  • TES Norway
  • TES Denmark
  • TES Sweden
  • Icelandic Open

The Telia Esports Series Masters consists of a grand total of twelve teams spread out in two groups of six that will be playing a round-robin format best of one series in the group stage and will then be moving on to the playoffs.

UKLC Relegation Series

The UKLC relegation series features the bottom two teams from the current UKLC split facing off against the top two teams from the current UKEL split. The winners of the relegation series will, depending on their current standing, either be demoted to the UKEL or promoted to the UKLC. 

The dates for the UKLC Relegation Series are August 23rd & 24th and will start after the relegation series of the NLC has been completed. 

This relegation format was introduced to bring more consistency to the UKLC and UKEL and in addition offer players and teams of the UKLC region a clear path on how to reach the UKLC and compete at the highest level of the region.

Available spots in the UKLC Relegation Series
The number of spots that teams from the UKEL will be competing for is dependent on the relegation series of the NLC. If a UK based team is relegated into the UKLC from the NLC it will impact the number of spots available in the relegation series. As an example, if one UK based organization is relegated to the UKLC, there will only be one slot to compete for in the relegation series, meaning that only the winner of the relegation series will be competing in the next UKLC split.

Stay tuned to our Twitter for more updates throughout the season as the rest of the season unfolds!

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