UKLC 2021 Preview: Meet the Teams

The UKLC 2020 Summer Season. Wow. What a season it was.

The best from Britannia duked it out in seven weeks of intense competition, where no one could’ve expected the competition to be that close. Six teams out of eight were in contention for playoffs and by the final week, four teams were tied at 9-5! This was easily the closest UKLC season in history and in turn, arguably the most exciting for fans and casters alike.

NVision Esports would eventually win it all but the summer season will definitely not be forgotten any time soon, with all its thrills remaining fresh in memory. And now we are back here once more, at the foot of the mountain. Waiting for the games to begin.

The 2021 Spring Season looms above our heads as her competitors prepare meticulously for the battles ahead, each plotting their path to the throne. We speak to the UKLC participants for this season to get their thoughts and expectations for the journey ahead. Let’s see what they’ve had to say.

UKLC teams

Demise came into the last season swinging, then had a dip in form before surging through the end of the season after changing two players. After a round of tiebreakers, Demise went into playoffs as second seed, and based on their run of form, many expected them to make a run to the finals and move on to the Telia Masters. However, they, unfortunately, fell to Munster Rugby Academy in the first round 2-1. 

With star toplaner Ashley "Rifty" Mayes returning to the team, the reapers return hungrier than ever to make a run for the crown. Beware their scythes!

We have a strong combination of experience and a few rookies who we are confident can turn some heads. Combine that with a strong Head Coach and a great backroom staff, myself and everyone at Demise has really high expectations for spring! It’s time to #FearTheReapers!

Current UKLC champions return to defend their titles from would-be challengers, so it’s fitting their logo resembles a shield. NVision was a team very few predicted to make any significant noise in the UKLC, let alone win the entire tournament. Their slow and steady approach allowed them to peak at the end of the season, defeating MNM Academy 2-0 and finally Munster Rugby Academy 3-1 in the finals.

NVision will unlikely be able to operate under the radar any longer. After their second-placed finish in the NLC Fall Open, it would be foolish to take them lightly. Can they ‘nvision’ successful defense of their title this season? We shall soon find out.

Being the UKLC 2020 summer champions means nothing going into a new season. However, we have retained some of our players from our previous winning roster, and this has given us a great platform to bring in more talent into our team. I believe we will go under the radar again but we are quietly confident as usual and ready for every challenge.

Resolve has had a meteoric rise in the UK scene. As one of the newest teams in the league, they went from narrowly missing out in the UKLC 2020 summer qualifiers to winning the UKEL in dominating fashion, only dropping a single game all summer long. They then went on to further their near spotless streak with a ruthless 3-0 over Bulldog Esports in the Relegation Series, cementing their spot in the UKLC for 2021.

It would be easy for Resolve to rest on their laurels, but clearly, their goals lie beyond the horizon of the UKLC. Signing former Tricked Esport jungler Sofiane "Sof" Saibi is extraordinary, not to mention the rest of their roster. Resolve are not slowing down for 2021, how far can their ambition take them?

Our roster this year happens to be a full UK lineup and while it was never something we had on our mind, it's definitely a positive coincidence for us considering we looked for the best options irrespective of region. I hope that we can represent the UK well and show that our region has the strength to challenge and beat the rest. This is going to be an exciting season for sure and I can't wait for it to begin!

Enclave have been around the UK scene for some time now, and they recently did a small rebrand by shortening their name and updating their logo. Last summer, Enclave led the UKLC for the first few weeks but suffered a drop in form nearing the end. This meant they missed playoffs by the slimmest of margins alongside London Esports. Heartbreak for the Enclave faithful.

Coming into 2021, Enclave will be looking to banish those demons and finally make a run for playoffs and perhaps, even the Telia Masters.

Expectations for this season is that we have a roster built on the basis of mutual kinship. One player wanted to play with another, who had another player he wanted to play with etc. One thing we made a mistake with the last split is that a strong finish can be better than a strong start, and I believe this is the kind of roster that can improve and develop as a unit over time.

London Esports were a team that had a lot of expectations behind them in the summer due to the strength of their roster and were expected to be contesting for the top 2 spot. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out and like Enclave, they missed out on qualifying for playoffs by a hair’s breadth, sealing their fate and ending their rocky summer. 

Like Resolve, London is a team that has competed in the UKEL and they’ve come a long way. They return with the same goal of conquering the UKLC and will hope for a more consistent season this time around.

After a much-needed break over the winter months, we're back and more motivated than ever to show our value in the UKLC this Spring Season. We've rebuilt from the ground up to make a roster we believe can go much further this time around, plus we aim to make some banging content too!

Last summer was not the most ideal for Barrage Academy. They could never quite get going despite several spirited attempts, remaining firmly in seventh place throughout the season and eventually playing in relegations. Mercifully, their campaign ended on a high as they swept NerdRage 3-0 convincingly, ensuring their return to the UKLC in 2021.

Barrage Academy recently announced the acquisition of experienced regional league coach Lasse “Fykling” Sleby. His experience will be vital if Barrage wishes to better their finish from summer and avoid the influx of boat memes for the spring season.

We've brought in Fykling as our head coach and we definitely feel like he will be able to guide the team well to become stronger players.

The last split was eye-opening in terms of what a development team needs. It was difficult for five rookies to grind out results like other more balanced teams in the league did. I feel we've got the right balance and guidance this time around.

MNM Academy were a bit of a surprise package in summer. While there was some level of expectation out of their squad, they constantly showcased they could meet or exceed them at their best. Marksmen Harry “Harry” Buckle was particularly noteworthy with cries of “ban Caitlyn!” constantly present. MNM Academy like Demise, would make playoffs but eventually, fall to eventual champions NVision 2-0.

With the Spring Season around the corner, MNM will take many lessons going in but the main one will be the confidence in knowing they can compete with the best and they will not just be aiming for the finals, but to win it all.

I came back to finish what I started last season and we aim to go far in the Telia Masters. Last season we were expected to do better and failed to deliver in the playoffs.

With this new roster and coaching staff, I want to show what MNM academy are capable of.

A huge congratulations is also in order for Bulldog Esports who won their match against NerdRage to qualify for a spot in the split!

Tune into the UKLC

Fans rejoice, for your prayers are answered! The UKLC returns on Jan 17. Do you think the UKLC will be as exciting and open compared to last season? Or will there be a clear hierarchy of power?

Whatever your thoughts, be sure to let us know on Twitter and tune into our Twitch.

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