UKEL: Your Future Path Into the UKLC

Starting in the relegation period of the UKLC Summer Split 2020, the UKEL will be fully implemented as a cornerstone of the UKLC. Teams facing relegation from the UKLC will be matched up against the top teams from the UKEL.

The UKEL has a long history in the UK League of Legends scene and a firm structure in place. With having this system for the relegations of the UKLC, the vision is to create a more clear path for the aspiring players in the UK region to reach the UKLC and giving the competing organizations a space to grow.

Split Relegation

The top two teams from the UKEL will face off against the two bottom teams from the UKLC in a best of five series to determine who stays, who advances and who is relegated. The UKLC Relegation Series is scheduled to take place on Aug 23 - 24.

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