Organizers of UKLC Spring 2020

DreamHack is taking over as the organizer of the UK League Championship, starting Spring 2020. The UKLC 2020 Spring Split will feature eight teams and a £60,000 prize pool.

UKLC Spring 2020 details

  • £60,000 prize pool
  • 8 teams, competing double BO1 round-robin
  • Competing teams include: Fnatic Rising, Excel UK, with more teams to presented in the near future.
  • Seven weeks of league play, (February 4th through March 18th, 2020) broadcast live every Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Semifinals and Grand Final (March 23rd and 29th, respectively)

We’ll be drawing on DreamHack’s expertise to operate the UKLC over the course of the Spring Split. UKLC is a longer term project and we’re looking to roll out the new-look ecosystem for the Summer Split.

More details to follow

DreamHack and Riot Games are cooperating closely and working towards creating a more robust regional system to support the Nordic market. More details will be released regarding the Summer Split in March 2020, with information on the future of the UKLC also coming in Q1 2020.

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