NVision Esports Are Your 2020 Summer Split Champions!

NVision took the UKLC 2020 Summer Split by storm and will now come in as the top seed in the Telia Esports Series Masters! Taking down Munster Rugby Gaming Academy in a back and forth series, Nvision Esports stood as victors in the end.

Coming from a Summer Split regular season that ended with tiebreakers Nvision showed that their moment from previous matches was just not a fluke. Securing the top seed from the tiebreakers, Nvision took on MnM Gaming Academy in the semifinals where they easily secured a 2-0 victory.

Munster Rugby Gaming Academy proved to be a rather tougher opponent to crack where team fighting was the name of the game. After a four game intense series the final score ended in NVisions favour and they can now call themselves the UKLC Summer 2020 Champions!

UKLC Summer Playoffs Rankings 

  • 1st NVision Esports
  • 2nd Munster Rugby Gaming Academy
  • 3/4th MnM Gaming Academy 
  • 3/4th Demise Esports 

Before the Summer split comes to an end we have the Relegation Series on Aug 23 and 24 to look forward to where Bulldog and Barrage Academy will compete to defend their UKLC Spots. Hailing from the UKEL we have Resolve who fell just short in the last UKLC qualifier and alongside them NerdRage who will give it their all to secure a spot in the 2021 split! Tune into Twitch to catch all the action!

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