UKLCNewsUKLC Week 1 Wrap

UKLC Week 1 Wrap

The first week of the UKLC got off to a flying start. From crazy plays to Enclave grabbing more wins than they did last season in the first week of the new, we were thoroughly entertained! Starting off with the predictions from Hiprain, Aux and the Twitter community, there was a mixed range of results.

Demise managed to grab the first win of the day against NVision, along with Enclave making a surprise turn around in defeating the likes of Barrage!

We were excited to see the newbies of the season take to the stage with Munster Rugby facing off against London Esports. London went HUGE and took this game with ease.

Munster were able to redeem themselves against Barrage, securing a win the following day, aided by some pretty clean team plays!

Barclays Highlights

Standings after Week 1 of the UKLC

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